Did you find your business is listed in a category on BOTW.org or BOTW.org.uk but you do not have a profile page? With a few simple steps, you can create your profile and display more details about your business!

The minimum requirements to having a profile are to have the following fields filled out:

-Business Name

-Products and Services

-About Us



  1. Log into your Best of the Web Account: https://portal.botw.org/
  2. Go to Manage Existing Listings
  3. Click Edit next to the listing you would like to create a profile for
  4. Fill out 'Products and Services, 'About Us', and add a category. You can then update other fields you would like to use to feature your business offerings.
  5. Click Save Business Details

Your information will be sent to our editors, who will review your info and email you as soon as they approve your changes.