To raise your Verification Percentage to 100%, you can:

1. Complete your Profile! Fill out every field available on your business listing. This not only raises your score, but it also better educates your customers about your business, increases your chances of showing in searches, and builds trust with your potential leads, showing them what you offer and what you can offer them

2. Increase the # of Reviews - Use the tools provided with your Best of the Web membership to increase customer reviews on your profile. Our tools offer you the opportunity to request reviews with a personalized link to your company's profile page, widgets to add to your website to ask for reviews, and badges to show off your review rating

3. Raise your review rating - Ask your customers to leave you a review when they are happy with the service you have provided! This ensures they will leave you a 5-star review, letting potential customers know you are the best in your business!

Premium Membership Checklist

1. Verify your address and phone number - Send a postcard to your business and get a phone call to your main line to receive a code that will allow you to confirm that your contact details are legitimate.

2 - Install a SSL certificate on your website - Our software checks your website periodically to ensure your website has a SSL installed, ensuring your website is safe for your website visitors

3 - Privacy Policy - Add a privacy policy to your website