As part of your Best of the Web membership, we review your website periodically to check that your website is up and running and matches what you originally submitted. Our automated crawler is named Charolette and she crawls the web to ensure your website is secure and helps maintain the highest quality on Best of the Web.

If your website is returning one of the following errors, your listing has been flagged by Best of the Web and is facing suspension if not remedied. If this was a temporary error, or you feel this is incorrect, contact us immediately and we will review and reverse the suspension. If the errors are not fixed, your listing can be suspended if no action is taken and no refunds or credits will be given. 


3XX: Redirect - Your website or page listed on your Best of the Web business profile is redirecting to another page or website. 

  • This could be because an internal page is not redirecting to the homepage, or a 404 page. If the URL is the same, please log in to your Best of the Web Account and follow these instructions to update your URL: How Do I Update My Listing?

  • HTTP - HTTPS - If you have updated the security setting on your website and your URL is now HTTPS, you can update this in your Customer Portal by following these instructions: How Do I Update My Listing?

  • Redirecting to another business or website. This is not permitted as each membership is only tied to one website. In order to submit a new website, please follow these steps: How Do I sign Up for a New Membership

4XX: Client Error - Your website or a page on your website is not configured correctly and is not allowing website visitors to view it. Please correct this problem, and email us an appeal so we can review your website again and reactivate your listing.

5XX: Server Error - Your server is not responding. This can happen if your website or web hosting provider is having technical issues and not displaying your website. It can also happen if you have security or firewalls setup through providers like Cloudflare and those solutions are blocking or denying access to your website. Once this is fixed, you can email us an appeal so we can review your website again and reactivate your listing.

666: Your website domain is either parked or for sale. We require all websites to be active to maintain their listings. If you feel that this suspension has been made in error please contact support for assistance.