Once your business is approved and added to a category on Best of the Web, you will be awarded a Featured Business Badge to add to your website. This will show your website visitors and potential customers that you have been approved by Best of the Web and that your business is the Best of the Web.

Follow these instructions and you can have your Featured Business Award on your website in no time!

Instructions to Add Featured Business Award to Your Website

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Log in to Your Best of the Web Dashboard

Step 2: Choose the Business You Need the Badge For

  • Go to Manage my Listings
  • Choose the business you are featuring by clicking the business name or the 'edit' button
  • Navigate to Trust Seals
  • Choose 'Featured Business Badge'

Step 3: Embed the widget on your website

  • Find the unique script and copy and paste this script into your website where you want your widget to display

Tip: Add the badge to the Header, Footer, or Awards section of your website to get the most attention and views